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I'd love to claim that we spend all our time creating award-winning architectural plans drawings for beautiful big homes but that couldn't be further away from reality. Most of our clients are regular people with regular homes and the bulk of our work centers around creating decent down to earth living space at a reasonable budget.

Everyone wants more space, more so in the Corvid-19 era, as homeowners are choosing to do a lot more from home and realising things could be a great deal better if only they had a little bit of extra space.

Fortunately, there is so much you can do when it comes to extending your home as most properties offer up a few options that will work with the planners and provide really good living space that doesn't cost the earth. 

Almost every style of property will provide a number of design options to extend and at Draw Plans we work really hard to create more living space that the client needs whilst ensuring that we don't over develop or waste our clients money.


Extension plans and drawings for a single storey extension is the most popular query we get. How the projects differ is based on the style of the property, the size of the extension and the budget. In most cases homeowners want as large an extension as possible at the lowest cost. In effect, they want more afordable living space which we're really good at creating.

Whilst adding a kitchen extension is a great way to extend your home and add more living space it also provides the perfect opportunity to add more value to your property. 

At Draw Plans we're not really interested in designing a box to sit on the back of your house that adds little or no value. We're far more interested in listening to what our clients need and then using our exerience and skills to create desirable living space that adds real value to their homes.



At first glance it's hard to believe that both photos above are of the same property. This is a really smart 2 storey extension where the architect looked carefully at the big picture and created plans and drawings for a beautiful home rather than a house with a 2 storey extension on the side. Anyone looking at this property would have to look really hard to discover the property started it's life as a standard 3 bed semi and is now a stunning 5 bedroom family home.

At Draw Plans we work really hard to ensure that our clients understand the big picture as well as the obvious. The long-term benefits and rewards are considerably more when you take a broader look at the property before commiting to extend.

For a successful build it's crucial that the extension blends in to the extent that you don't see that the property was extended or that the extension is a modern contrasting statement. Both of those work but what doesn't work is

just adding a box to the side of the property that neither contrasts nor blends in.


Which do you think costs the least, a loft conversion or a rear or side extension? If you guessed loft conversion then you would be right as the average price of a loft conversion is around £30/£35k whilst a single storey extension is likely to be around £50k and upwards.

The main difference between extending into the loft and adding an extension is that a loft conversion will give you bedrooms and an extra bathroom whilst an extension will give you more living space. In effect, you're getting back different types of space so you need to access your needs carefully as it won't really help if you convert the loft if what you really want is a bigger kitchen.

This might sound silly to even mention it but I talk to many people each day about extending their homes and many really don't know what they want.

Okay, so now that you know you want a loft conversion I can tell you that there are usually a few options when it comes to plans and drawings  depending on the style of property. For example, if you have a terraced property then you will probably opt for a Velux loft conversion or a Dormer loft conversion which is better. Dormer loft conversions are the most popular but they come with many options and variations.

The best way of finding out what the options are for your property is to get in touch with Draw Plans so that we can take a look online and let your know what is possible. Once we know what type of loft conversion you can have then we can give you an idea on the cost of plans drawings.


We don't just do plans and drawings. At Draw Plans you have the option of a full service package which takes you from concept through to a completed build. Most extensions and conversions are likely to require all or some of the following services:

  • Design Plans & Drawings

  • Planning Application

  • Certificate of Lawful Development

  • Building Plans for Building Control

  • Party Wall Agreements

  • Structural Engineering Calculations

  • Schedules & Specifications 

  • Project Management

  • Fixed Fee Building Contract

Draw Plans will be more than happy to explain and quote for any of the above services.



Draw Plans work with all the London Councils to get planning approval for our projects.

Because almost all planning applications require supporting documents we generaly recommend that we submit any planning applications for our clients. That way we know what is going on and can deal with any queries as they arise. In some respects it may be necessary to modify drawings, tweak designs or submit additional plans, detailed sections or documents.

Draw Plans will monitor, liaise and negotiate with the local planners throughout the approval process to help bring about a successful outcome.

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