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Party Wall Agreements & Why Do We Need Them

Putting a party wall agreement in place for building works that relate to the party wall or boundaries is now common place. For example, any house extension, loft conversion or structural works that interferes with the boundary or party wall needs to have a party wall agreement in place.

If you are planning an extension or loft conversion you will need to serve a Party Wall Notice to your neighbour if their property adjoins your property or is sited within 3 metres of where you plan to excavate.

Once the party wall notice is served your neighbour has two weeks to give signed consent or to dissent to the notice which means you will need a Party Wall Surveyor to prepare a Party Wall Award between the building owner and the neighbouring property owners.

How Much Does a Party Wall Agreement Cost?

Draw Plans can submit a Party Wall Notice for £50 Plus Vat. The average cost of preparing a Party Wall Award for a house extension or loft conversion is £900 Plus Vat.





If Your Neighbour Is Building An Extension?

If you neighbour want to build an extension they too will have to serve notice to you and if you have concerens about the project then you are advised to dissent to the notice and get in touch so that we can act for you with regard to a party wall award between you and your neighbours.


Party Wall Agreements are in place to protect all homeowners so do the right thing when you get served a notice or serve your neighbours with a notice. The party wall agreement is there to protect everybody in case there are

problems with the build or even years later if any issues come to light. In most cases it is fairly straightforward but where it is not, it may well involve surveyors and surveys to get everythiun setup.

Another point that is often overlooked and can be problematic is that under the terms of the party wall agreement you need to give your neighbour two months notice before you do any building work. Obviously, this doesn’t always work out in practice but technically you neighbour can have the work stopped if the required notice has not been given. Ideally, you should always serve the notice if the work you want to carry out requires it.

Draw Plans will be more than happy to advise or assist with a Party Wall Notice or to setup a Party Wall Agreement for any build project so do get in touch for a FREE Quote today..


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