Party Wall Agreements are Required for Most House Extensions

Putting a party wall agreement in place for building works that relate to the party wall or boundaries is now common place. For example, any house extension or other work that interferes with the boundary needs to have a party wall agreement in place.

Party Wall Agreements are in effect a letter of confirmation from your neighbour that the building work is agreed which is a very useful document to have if there are any problems with the build or even years later if any issues come to light. In most cases it is fairly straightforward but where it is not, it may well involve surveyors, surveys and work out quite expensive.

Another point that is often overlooked and can be problematic is that under the terms of the party wall agreement you need to give your neighbour 2 months notice before you do any building work. Obviously, this doesn’t always work out in practice but technically you neighbour can have the work stopped if the required notice has not been given.

Draw Plans are more than happy to initiate or setup a Party Wall Agreement for any build project so do get in touch if you would like a quote.

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