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Terms & Conditions of Service

1: Draw Plans will furnish the client with provisional estimates for the proposed works.

2: The client instructs by email confirming that he/she wishes to proceed with the project and agrees an appointment time and date for a Site Consultation Survey. This appointment may be cancelled or re-scheduled anytime up until 24 hours before the appointment. Any cancellation within the last 24 hours or not showing up for an appointment will incur a cancellation fee of £250 Plus Vat.

3: During the initial on-site consultation Draw Plans will discuss the project in detail and establish a basic design brief. The property will also be measured and photographed during the visit.

4: Draw Plans will provide draft sketches and plans for discussion with the client and make revisions until such a time as design plans for the project are approved. Where a project is paused or parked by the client, or where a client is unable to decide / agree on a final set of plans within a reasonable time frame, one to two months, the client will be invoiced for the initial design package as estimated. When the client reaches a decision on a final design or is ready to move forward with a planning application, Draw Plans will tweak  / update the drawings to provide a complete and final set of plans.

5: Depending on the project type, the client can expect to have plans available 14/21 days after draft approval.

6: Completed Design Plans will be emailed to the client in PDF format as soon as available.

7: If building plans (Building Control Drawings) are required a further 7/14 days should be allowed.

8: If planning permission, or any other application is required, and Draw Plans have been instructed to deal with the application, Draw Plans will submit the application and all other necessary documents, monitor the application and deal with any queries from the local planning officer.

9: Engineer Survey and Structural calculations, if required for the project, are not included in our initial estimated costs.

10: Any fees due to the local authority or building control are not included in our rates.

11: Intellectual property rights. All plans designed / created by Draw Plans, remain the property of the Draw Plans. In return for an agreed payment, the Draw Plans grants the client/s the use of our plans for a particular project. Our standard release fee for CAD files relating to any particular project is £325 Plus Vat.

12: In general, stage payments are required which include a deposit payment during the on-site consultation survey and further payments at various stages throughout the project. On completion of work, a final invoice will be issued. All invoices are payable within 7 days. Late payments or non-payment will see the project paused until funds have been received. All fees are subject to VAT @ the prevailing rate.

13: We accept secure payments by debit or credit card payment via Paypal. You do not need to register or to have a Paypal account to make a payment. We also accept direct payments using bank to bank transfer. We do not accept cash or cheque payments.

14: Either party, may terminate this agreement by giving 7 days’ notice in writing. Any work already completed or commenced by Draw Plans, will be subject to invoice and payment within 14 days.

15: In the event that overdue payments for services are not received, Draw Plans reserve the right to serve a Withdrawel of Service Notice in which no further services can be provided.

16: All special offers, reduced fees or discounts applied to services to be nullified in the event of a dispute over non payment where a formal Withdrawel Notice of Service is provided prior to completing works as agreed or instructed.


17: Late Payment & Overdue Accounts - Interest will be charged on all late payments, over 30 days, at a rate of 10% above base lending rate.

Terms & Conditions for Project Management Services

Description of Work - Draw Plans (The Company) will provide Project Management Services to complete specifically described works as per schedule and detailed specification.

Contract Price - The Property Owner (Client) will pay The Company a fixed sum or percentage rate for the work performed under an agreement, subject to such other sums that may become payable as a result of any variations determined in accordance with an agreement.

Terms of Payment - First payment midway through the contract, final payment on completion or at the end of involvement with the project.

Variations to the Agreement - Any variations including, but not limited to, modifications, omissions or additions that are made to this agreement must be agreed to in writing by both parties detailing the price and specification of such variations. The parties must make a good faith attempt to agree on all necessary particulars. Such agreements are to be evidenced in writing, signed by the parties and added to this contract. Failure to reach agreement will be deemed a dispute.

Time for Completion - A timescale along with start and end estimate dates are generally determined before the project commences.

Company Obligations - The Company will carry out the works with reasonable skill, care and diligence pursuant to all applicable standards and industry practice and in compliance to all relevant building regulations and statutory requirements.

Owners Obligations - The Property Owner must pay such sums of money that become due to the company for the work performed. The Property Owner will be responsible to cooperate in good faith with The Company and must not interfere with The Company’s progress of work. It is understood that timely communication and cooperation are necessary for completion of the work.

Approvals - Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, it is the Project Manager sole responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals and permits prior to commencement of the works to be done.

Dispute Resolution - If any dispute arises under the terms of this agreement, both parties agree to select a mutually agreeable impartial third party to help them mediate it. The parties agree that the cost of professional mediation is to be split 50% / 50%.

Termination - If the Company fails to perform the work in accordance with the terms of this agreement, The Property Owner will have the right to terminate the agreement if The Company does not remedy the default within 14 days.

If the Property Owner fails to pay such sums of money that become due The Company will have the right to terminate the agreement if the Property Owner does not remedy the default within 14 days.

Completion - The work specified is considered completed upon approval by The Property Owner, provided that The Property Owner’s approval is not unreasonably withheld.



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