Structural Surveyors & Structural Calculations

On projects that involve structural works such as the removal of load bearing walls, or the installation of steel beams or goalposts, we’re more than happy to organise a free quote for the engineering calculations.


Almost every project we do requires some level of structural alterations to complete the project. You might be adding a small kitchen extension but if the plan is to open up a wall or to remove any structural walls then you will need the services of a structural engineer to work out the calculations for the steel beam.

The same applies if you you are building anything that is steel framed or where steel support are going to be used. 


Draw Plans are more than happy to provide you with a quote for any kind of structural survey or structural calculations for any kind of project. In most cases where calculations are required they can be done from the drawings so if you have a project where you need calculations for a steel beam or two then just give us the details and a few drawings so that we can get you a quote.

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