Draw Plans are London based architectural designers and consultants that specialise in adding space and value. We provide Design & Building Plans for any type of House Extension or Loft Conversion within 7/10 days. Prices Start from £795 Plus Vat for a Single Storey House Extension.

We're not just an architectural practice as we could be described as architectural guidance councillors simply because of the amount of time we spend on the phone talking to homeowners about how to improve their homes and adding value. Most of the information we share with our callers is already out there but it would seem that many homeowners would prefer to hear it rather then read it.

At Draw Plans, Neuro Architecture is at the heart of everything we do. Every design or drawing we create we do so with the belief that whilst we shape our environment our environment also shapes us.

Creating designs for modern living is always our number one priority simply because we recognise the value of living in an environment that makes us feel good, relives stress, and improves our wellbeing.  

​Draw Plans are not a huge practice as there are 8/9 of us working collaboratively throughout London and the home counties. Our combined years of experience exceed 100 years so it is no wonder homeowners choose Draw Plans to come to for advice and guidance on all matters of home development and planning issues. I guess you could say that Draw Plans are the goto team for expert and impartial advice on planning and building projects within the Greater London area.

Transparency is a big thing with Draw Plans simply because when we talk to homeowners and we get told over and over how some architects and technicians are not up front with regard to the build process or their fees. The biggest issues seem to relate to building regs plans and the need for a planning application for simple projects that do not require a planning application. We see it as work creation and do not entertain ideas of this nature. We always put our clients interests up front and centre and do our level best to inform them of the process and what they will need for their build projects. It is always better that they know from the outset what the professional fees are for any project.

People often ask me what makes Draw Plans different or why they should instruct us to create plans to modernise their homes when they can find cheaper solutions. There is no doubt there are some starving designers out there prepared to part with their skills for almost nothing. We can't do anything about that but what is certain is that if you have the upper hand going into a relationship it is unlikely to be one that lasts. I'm not a physiologist but I'm smart enough to know that a relationship based on a level playing field or on mutual respect will be far more rewarding in the long-term.

Price versus Value is also a major consideration as a cheap designer will be interested in doing as little as possible for his or her pot of gold. Draw Plans on the other hand will look to get the best possible outcome for your project and will always guide you towards adding the most value to your property. You could call it our unique selling proposition (USP) which is not just to add space but to add value in the process.

So if you do need plans for an extension or a loft conversion, our advice will always be to look to the designers that will add value as it would be a huge mistake to try to save £100/£200 on your design plans whilst missing the opportunity to add £20k/£30k in value to your home.











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