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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Bank House Wimbledon Village
Wimbledon Village Architectural Review

I was looking forward to doing our Wimbledon Village Architectural Review mainly because I haven’t been in Wimbledon for a few years and I was confident there would be still be a few gems left to make up my review for Draw Plans.

As the years pass more and more buildings are modernised and it would seem that on each occasion, we lose a few more relics of the past. New shop windows, new doors and new shop signs means more heritage going to the tip.

As an architectural technician I have always been interested in architecture and never more so than in the more affluent suburbs of London such as Wimbledon Village.

Bank house, situated on the corner of Main Street and Belvedere Grove, is probably my most favourite building in the whole of Wimbledon Village simply because the architectural design of the building is miles better than its neighbours. The use of soft red brick and limestone has rarely been put to better use.

Period mouldings and architecture
Bank House Architectual Detailed Design
Arched Limestone Mouldings Wimbledon Village
Bank House High Street Wimbledon Village

The carved stone detailing is superb, and I am confident it would have taken the designers a considerable amount of time draw plans and give life to this beautiful building.

The copper covered cupola protruding outwards over a circular bay is a beautiful feature as is the curved top windows and stonework to the upper floor. The detailing is superb.

As an architectural technician I have done many detailed drawings, but they do not come close to the amount of creativity given to this lovely old building. Nobody builds like this anymore but if they did I would love to have the opportunity to create or draw plans for a period property of this quality that dominates this entire section of Wimbledon Village.

Phot of  the shop front of the British Red Cross shop in Wimbledon Village
British Red Cross Wimbledon Village

Walking down main street I saw plenty of period detailing that no doubt would inspire the local designers in Wimbledon and visitors like me alike. In particular, I found what I would imagine is the last remaining Victorian shop in Wimbledon Village which is now occupied by the British Red Cross. Taking in the detail, the bit I love best is the curved shop window glass which I am confident is original. How they made glass like that in the 19th century I have no idea, but it must have been spectacular when it was built.

Another throwback from the past is the use of shop blinds and whilst almost all are gone, I was delighted to see 10/15 blinds still in use outside several restaurants, a flower shop and Knight Frank the estate agents.

The Dog & Fox also needs a mention simply because it is so well known. I don’t find the architecture particularly fascinating on this building and when it comes to detailing, I don’t think there is enough of it for a building in such a prominent position.

The Glass House looked beautiful as did Orlebar Brown which looks life something out of Dickensian Britain, more so if it was painted all dark.

The brick built arch to Woodstock House also caught my eye as did the shop front next door which again has some beautiful detailing from the Victorian era.

More time is what I wished for as I strolled through Wimbledon Village taking photos. In the old days I would have had my sketch pad and I could easily have spent the day sketching and drawing plans of the detailing between the shop canopies, the cut stonework and the ornate panels featured on quite a few of the shop fronts.

As an architectural technician who creates plans and drawings for a living, I found the village to be inspiring and uplifting. There are leftovers from several periods on exhibit which makes it a treasure trove for young designers looking for inspiration and wishing to draw plans for a living.

Draw Plans are architectural technicians in South London. We write architectural reviews as a means of educating and developing our skills and at the same time we capture on camera and drawings some of the finest buildings in London.

If you need the service of local designers in Wimbledon or plans drawn for a house extension or loft conversion, then we recommend you visit the Draw Plans website to browse some of our projects and discover how we can help you with your next build project.

Draw Plans provide a full range of architectural service in Wimbledon, Wimbledon Village, Putney, Barnes, Wandsworth, Earlsfield and the surrounding areas. 020 3921 0745

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