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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Building an extension is one of the largest projects you are likely to deal with as a homeowner. It is also one of the most expensive, so it is crucial to the long-term success of the build that the work is carried out correctly and to a good standard.

At Draw Plans, we speak to hundreds of homeowners each month and what is crystal clear is that most of them are not looking forward to managing their own build project. I blame too many cowboy builder programs which would lead you to believe that all builders are shysters and conmen which couldn’t be further from the truth as almost all of the builders and trades people that I get to meet through our project management program do a really decent job and provide a reasonable customer service.

A few years back the involvement of Building Control usually meant that the builders behaved better and you got a decent build but that really isn’t the case anymore as Building Control have become far more self-serving over the years and have no interest in ensuring that the homeowners get a good quality job. In fact, if there is a problem with work approved by Building Control, they are not liable, so don’t go thinking that because Building Control are involved, they will be looking after your interests, because they won’t.


Draw Plans provide a full project management service for most types of build in the London area. What this means is that we take over the build, instruct the builder and associated trades and carry out the agreed works as per specification and budget. It is a full turnkey service from concept design to a completed build. All the client has to do is to make the necessary decisons relating to layout and design and to fund the project.

Fees are generally 5% to 7% (plus vat) of the net build costs. What this means is that for an extension build project of around £60k you will have a project management cost of around £3k plus vat.

So, if the prospect of dealing with the builders stresses you out then talk to Draw Plans about having us manage your build and delivering a completed project on time on budget.


At Draw Plans, we talk to hundreds of homeowners each month about their home extension build projects and what is clear is that many are stretched to the limits when it comes to budget.

In situations like this most homeowners hold back from instructing a project manager to manage their build simply because the average fee of around £3.5k is unaffordable.

It is for that reason that Draw Plans have recently created a 10 Key Stage Project Management Service and it is proving to be extremely popular with homeowners.

Our Key Stage Project Management Service allows for a Draw Plans Project Manager to be involved in the build from start to finish but still enables the client to manage their own project.

Here are the key stages for an average single storey extension:

  • Work with the client on project tendering, negotiations, builder selection, setting up a fixed price build contract with retention and penalty clauses.

  • Site meeting with the builders when the project starts.

  • Site inspection once excavations are completed.

  • Site inspection once foundations are poured and brick/block work is up to dpc level.

  • Site inspection when walls are built up to roof level.

  • Site inspection for structural openings over 2 metres.

  • Site inspection for structural steel installation.

  • Site inspection when windows and doors have been installed.

  • Site inspection when plastering / rendering has been completed.

  • Site inspection when work is completed. Sign-off the project.

Having an experienced Project Manager by your side for the entire project will ensure you get an on-time on-budget build with no nasty surprises in the final account.

We will also ensure that you get a decent quality build, certification for electrical and gas works and a completion certificate from Building Control.

Our Key Stage Project Management Fee For a Single Storey Extension is £ 995 Plus Vat.


If you’re still thinking that you can’t afford a project manager for your new extension, then think again as Draw Plans will show you how to get far more value for your money.

  • Negotiations with The Builders – Draw Plans will save you at least 10% on a £60k extension. That is a saving of £6k.

  • Double Glazed Doors & Windows - At Draw Plans we can usually cut your double-glazing cost by 35% to 50%. On average, a saving of £2k / £3k.

  • Kitchens – We can show you how the top designers create a fantastic looking kitchen at a fraction of the cost. We can save you £2k / £5k.

  • Roofing, flooring walls, patios, underfloor heating, tiling, we can show you how to save thousands on these build costs.

Draw Plans know exactly how to make your budget go further and to get more value for your hard-earned cash. Talk to Draw Plans today about our Full or Key Stage Project Management Services.


At Draw Plans, we offer all our own clients a Detailed Schedule & Specification Service for their projects. What this means is that when the plans are approved, we then create a detailed broken-down schedule of works for each and every piece of work required to complete the project. This is then costed so the client knows the target cost of the project and will also know where to cut back if the budget needs to be lowered.

When the client is ready for the build phase all he or she must do is to send the plans and a schedule of works to the nominated builders for a quote. Each builder will be quoting for exactly the same job so there can be no omissions or extras added to the final account unless you have authorised additional works to the schedule.

It is a really fair system but because homeowners are not aware of the process most house extensions and large residential build projects are just built with a rough quote at the start which leaves the builders loads of room to add a few extras throughout the project and in particular towards the end.

Far better to have a Fixed Price Contract for your build project which is what you can get if you invest in a detailed specification and schedule.

Talk to Draw Plans today about creating a Detailed Specification & Schedule for your build project as it can help you to save thousands on the cost of your new extension.

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